The CHPA is a strategic alliance among the manufacturers and distributors of homeopathic products sold in Canada. By working together we have succeeded in shaping Canada’s regulatory environment for homeopathic medicines so that the majority of products sold in the United States and the EU are available to consumers and health care practitioners in Canada. This new regulatory framework includes guidance documents and monographs for homeopathic medicines that have been developed jointly by CHPA and Health Canada’s Natural Health Products Directorate. Homeopathic medicines are recognized as a distinct sub-category of pharmaceuticals under Health Canada’s Natural Health Products Regulations, pursuant to the Food and Drugs Act. As such, homeopathic medicines approved for sale in Canada bear the unique product license identifier “DIN-HM” followed by an 8 digit product license number.

The association provides:

  • A forum for discussion among its members on regulatory issues and government policies affecting market access and use of homeopathic medicines.
  • Professional representation to government and lobbying on behalf of the industry.
  • A credible and effective voice to work with regulators to resolve regulatory issues and constraints.
  • Updates and advisories from Health Canada and other federal government departments and agencies on the day of release or publication.
  • Coordinated consultations with health care practitioner associations at the provincial and national level.
  • An annual meeting open to all members.

Criteria for Membership

To qualify for membership, an individual or corporation must:

  • Be a manufacturer, importer or distributor of homeopathic medicines.
  • Hold Health Canada product licenses for homeopathic medicines (DIN-HM).
  • Be prepared to support the objectives and activities of the association.

Application Procedure

A letter or e-mail ([email protected]) should describe your company, indicate whether you are a manufacturer and/or importer and/or distributor of homeopathic products. Please also provide the contact information for the individual you wish to have as the official representative to CHPA. Applicants will be notified within 30 days of receipt of application.

Membership Dues Structure

Membership fees are assessed annually in two semi-annual installments.  Fees assessed are based on the self-declared annual sales volume of the member.