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The CHPA was founded by manufacturers, importers and distributors of homeopathic medicines
in 1990 in order to respond to Health Canada’s Information Letter no. 775, a proposal to modify the regulatory status of homeopathic medicines in Canada.  This marked the beginning of CHPA’s over two decades of collaborative efforts to work with Health Canada to develop a comprehensive regulatory framework for homeopathic medicines characterized by consumer and health care practitioner access to the complete range of homeopathic medicines available in other countries that are Canada’s major trading partners.  


 To qualify for membership, individuals or companies must be a manufacturer, importer or distributor of homeopathic medicines in Canada, hold one or more valid product licenses for homeopathic medicines and an establishment or site license issued by Health Canada and support the statement of purpose and mission of the association.  CHPA’s member companies are the suppliers of the majority of homeopathic medicines distributed and sold in Canada.

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